Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hempy's London Broil......

     Oh my goodness can we say, Fat and Sassy...... well I can definately say I am sassy. LOL After the breakfast I had this morning I was so full I skipped lunch and went straight to dinner. With the dinner I had it is understandable why I didn't even worry about having lunch today.

     Dinner was so simple yet so tasty that you could not help but clean your plate. Tonight was Hempy's London Broil (in case your wondering why Hemphy's is because my last name is Hemphill, LMBO), Yellow and Green summer squash with a little sharp cheddar cheese (sorry I was having a Primal moment. LOL) and a little salald with some Honey Basalmic dressing.

                                                             Hemphy's London Broil

3-4lbs       London Broil
4Tbs        Oragano
4Tbs        Thyme
1Tbs        Sea Salt
3Tbs        Fresh Cracked Pepper
4Tbs        Garlic Powder
1              Shallot diced small
3Tbs        Cilantro chopped

Mix all ingredients together to make a dry rub, throughly rub all sides with rub.
Sear all sides with beef tallow, then put on top of London Broil the diced shallots and the cilantro (use as much as is needed to cover top), put in broiler for about 20 min for Med Rare
a little longer if you like yours done more.
Slice thinly against the grain, and enjoy!

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